Who The Devil Are We

Although we publish one deadline on the website, Withoutabox members will have access to extended deadlines and early-bird deadlines with further discounted entry fees.


Entry Fees. We are a totally independent event. We are happy to justify our entry fees to anyone who questions them. We try to keep them inline with other festivals, we consult filmmakers and can assure you that money raised always goes into the mechanism of the festival, towards supporting filmmaker attendance and the delivery of a great independent programme. Filmstock is a non-profit event.


We watch everything that comes through the door and notify everyone who enters whether they have been successful or not. We are filmmakers and know it is always good to hear either way, so it doesn’t feel like your film has disappeared. We do this film by film, one at a time, to try and ensure no one slips through the net. If you don’t hear from us feel free to send us an email.


If successful you will be required to send an exhibition format, or if you wish to screen in DVD, we will need a second copy. No excuses.


We can screen Beta SP (PAL), DV (PAL & NTSC) and DVD (All Regions).


Please be assured, our projection system for all formats (in particular DVD) is fantastic, and we work very hard to prepare and test all tapes before screening. We have been on the receiving end of lazy projection and it is not fun. Feel free to include notes to the projectionist with your exhibition copy. He likes chocolate too.


We like contact. For the selected films we will send you all the info you need to have a good Filmstock experience, whether you will be at the festival or not. We are here to make your screening and time at Filmstock like no other. We invite you to get involved.


We like stuff. Feel free to send us your flyers, postcards, badges, gadgets, gizmos, posters or any other bits you are using to promote your film. The earlier the better, but please do not send this stuff until you have been accepted. (Please do not send actors in the mail)


By entering you are confirming that you understand all of this jazz.


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